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The market for danish energy was undergoing extreme deregulation from monopolistic states to a free market where consumers chose their providers themselves. The transformation meant that Seas-NVE needed to transform from a service culture into a committed and progressive sales and consulting culture. Through their collaboration with Qeep and the implementation of a Performance Culture Program, this was achieved.

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MTH Construction

MTH Construction had made several attempts to get their engineers and building contractors to adopt commercial and customer-oriented thinking – and had given up time and again. With the help from Qeep, they were able to identify and implement changes in the organisational structure that would lead to an increase in sales hit-rate by 12% and a growth in order intake from 2.9 billion to DKK 3.6 billion in an otherwise declining market.

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Daimler Automobiles

Daimler Automobiles was a top-down organisation where the employees didn't take responsibility for common goals, resulting in a loss of DKK 47 million. The CEO Per V. Rasmussen sought to change attitudes among management and middle management, inspiring them to embrace greater responsibility. With the help from Qeep, Daimler implemented major organisational changes, which brought on a new attitude among employees. The result was a transformation of the significant loss into a profit.

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MT Højgaard

MTH Construction’s production had been decentrally managed for many years with a lack of cross-organisational knowledge-sharing and synergies. Qeep was brought in to help develop a cross-functional collaboration, leading to a 15% increase in customer satisfaction, zero errors in projects upon handover and a significantly increase in sales and efficiency.

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