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If we had more employees, then…..

You probably know it from your own organisation. All the good excuses and justifications as to why they haven’t reached their goals:

  • We don’t have enough employees. If we were five more people, we would be able to develop the new product
  • The marketing budget is too low, if we had more money we would sell more
  • It’s impossible to sell that much when we don’t have better brochure material

I don’t think we need to state more examples.

We call it "The resource paradigm". But here is a fact: It’s mostly about leadership, not resources. You have to break certain paradigms if you want to achieve the (hopefully ambitious) goals set forward.

Qeep has helped many companies to break the resource paradigm. The reality is often that the organisations have sufficient resources, they just have to use them more sensible and goal oriented. Our approach is to break the paradigms that exist in your organisation and to create a result centred, executable strategy where you put forward ambitious goals and reach them.

What paradigm stands in the way of the success of your company?

Claus Schellerup