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Are you really listening to what your customers are saying?

In the last decade, customer-experience metrics have proliferated, but many companies struggle with acting on feedback and experience that the metrics doesn’t always seem to explain big swings in customer satisfaction. In this article, McKinsey argues for a journey-centric, customer-experience measurement system and states that traditional top-line metrics are leaving companies deaf to what their customers really are saying. Customer feedback is essential for the development of a business. Companies needs to implement an effective and complete system that measures the experience of the customer journey and implement a mindset across the entire organisation that focuses on quickly closing the root problems. This  allows a company to reap the true rewards of customer feedback!

In Qeep we collaborate with RelationWise, a technological platform that allows companies to measure customer and employee satisfaction in real time. Our experience shows that many companies struggle to measure and react on what the people they interact with really are thinking about them. They measure satisfaction once maybe twice a year and they don't react quick enough. We encourage and support leaders that moves towards "Real-time Management" through better employee and customer engagement.

Measuring relationships in real time is a new concept. It requires a shift in the mindset among leaders and changes to our existing systems. However, employees and customers are ready because they already live in real time on social media. They get feedback from their Facebook friends five minutes after posting their exam results or when posting a holiday picture. In Qeep we can help you implement a platform that allows you to measure, analyse and react swiftly on what the people around you are saying about your company. This will give you the true rewards of customer feedback!



Claus Schellerup